Grow study skills online with your own expert professional Study Coach

Develop the most effective study skills and techniques - one to one - from home!

Core study skills essential for all lifelong learning


  • How to become both an active learner and an independent learner.
  • How to manage my time - plus balance my time in study and at leisure.
  • How to grow my personal motivation and boost my self-study confidence.
  • How to read most effectively and in diverse ways e.g. speed-read.
  • How to increase my memory recall - and continuously improve it.
  • How to plan my written work and structure highest quality essays.
  • How to prepare and speak most effectively e.g. present in class.

Quality techniques for exam preparation and revision


  • How to organise my resources and plan my limited revision time.
  • How to prioritise, schedule and monitor my daily revision progress.
  • How to develop efficient methods to revise all my subjects on time.
  • How to improve my memory: to learn new topics first time, on time.
  • How to use ACE Recall rapid learning / exam revision techniques.
  • How to fully answer exam questions - and only the question asked.
  • Know just what to do - before, during and after every exam I take!

What makes ACE Recall Study Performance Coaching unique?  All the skills, tools and techniques you learn, for example doing GCSEs, are backed by the science of learning - and wholly reusable.  This means you can continue to use and exploit the same powerful skills at A Level, in sixth form or college; through university, at degree and postgraduate level, and throughout all future professional and career learning.


All the practical learning tools, study techniques and cognitive skills you put into practice now - are expertly designed.  They help you think, learn and remember better and faster. And at any new level of future higher learning!  The practical lifelong learning skills you gain become your skills for life.

For first class online study skills coaching - and your best choice weekly coaching timeslot - call ADRIAN now on 01727 823543.