Tell me how ACE Recall study performance coaching works in practice!

Premium quality 1 to 1 coaching lasts eighty minutes.  (Online coaching can be booked in shorter 40 or 60 minute slots to suit your budget).  Between each coaching session additional expertise is given.  This is to evaluate coaching; prepare bespoke materials and exercises to match individual needs; and tailor your next coaching to more rapidly help you realise the success you desire.  Coaching brings the best results with continuity and commitment, booked in programmes (pre-paid session blocks) to guarantee your prefferred timeslots for coaching*.


To start improving at the fastest possible rate ACE Recall Study Performance Coaching minimally recommends:

  • An introduction to Accelerated Learning, Memory Improvement and using the basic ACE Recall technique
  • Allowing 3-7 days between coaching - to practise and embed your new skills and better ways to learn
  • Continuing with an open mind, ready to exploit skills you newly discover - hence maximise your success

* Session frequency or duration may be adjusted to suit your personal or family needs and preferences.

All ACE Recall coaching is exclusively tailored to your individual needs and goals.  You may choose to work on a specific skill e.g. write high-quality essays in shorter time. Most popular is choosing to develop a wide range of skills including cognitive skills to rapidly improve memory recall; techniques to prepare, revise for and pass exams with higher grades; and ways to increase study confidence and achieve highest quality study outcomes, without stressing.


ACE Recall coaching is underpinned by Rapid Cognitive Learning (RCL), the most powerful combination of accelerated learning processes, high performance techniques, expertise and personal guidance.  RCL techniques help you significantly quicken the pace at which you learn.  To demonstrate an individual's performance improvements, all coaching is 1 to 1. It includes continuous assessment and goal setting.  Agreed 'ACE Actions' help you practise and apply your new skills between coaching to continuously improve your performance.


Coaching takes place online, or where ACE Recall Study Performance Coaching is located in London Colney.  This gives your Coach access to the widest range of resources to instantly support you: tailored skill guides, templates and practical exercises most relevant to your needs.  (Coaching for mature and adult learners only may be arranged in your home, office or other quiet location; please note this incurs additional expense for time and travel).

Over what period of time can I be coached?

Coaching deals with an intentional change of behaviour.  Most clients prefer to make improving learning performance an integral part of their lives; typically choosing coaching for 3-18 months at a time to effect lasting changes.  Some seek help for only a specific situation or duration.  Whichever performance improvement outcomes you want, you can book the coaching programme best suited to your particular needs and at a time of day most convenient for you.

What next?  Call today: 01727 823543 or 07534 479427 to discuss what you most need right now.  You can also make an online enquiry

Coaching in education is defined as: a one-to-one conversation focused on the enhancement of learning and development through increasing self-awareness and a sense of personal responsibility, where the coach facilitates the self-directed learning of the coachee through questioning, active listening and appropriate challenge in a supportive and encouraging climate (van Nieuwerburgh, 2012).  Uniquely ACE Recall Study Performance Coaching adds to this practical rapid learning techniques. Crucially these enable students to demonstrate improvements in their long-term memory recall and ability to learn and study with confidence. Hence, consistently achieve much more - much faster.