Get smart study skills in 2024 to get the best GCSE / A Level exam results

Do you want your teenager confident of exam success - without becoming stressed?


Enjoying the very best skills to learn and techniques to revise now, and in the future?


Achieving the exam grades they need now to make the next step up with assurance?


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Let your teen enjoy the most effective ways to learn, prepare for exams and perform at their best.  Give them their best chance to succeed this year and every school year from now on.

Superb help which was pivotal in helping my son reach university.  Education should be offering this option. We were desperate - and are forever grateful - Sally Tolan
As a caring parent what can you do to reduce the pressures of studying?  How can you give your son or daughter their best chance of success now, plus ensure the step up to their first choice 6th Form and Uni is even more successful?


The answer is not to delay.  Give your teen time to learn and embed the best study skills to use now - when they most need them.  So they are fully prepared to enjoy future success.


Expert ACE Recall Study Performance Coaching offers a fundamentally different approach to 'subject' tutoring.  Your teenager is no longer seen as a 'child' in need of 'extra tuition' in subjects where they only 'fail' to get high enough grades.  Instead, your teen becomes involved in the process of how they learn best as a unique individual.  They gain a growth mindset, confident and able to respond to every new challenge.  They discover their own best, most effective ways to learn and succeed at studying.  Treated like the young adult they are fast becoming, your teenager will also:


  • Become a self starter: knowing how to enjoy their study time, learn independently, and own their successes

  • Exploit smart thinking and fast memory recall techniques - often overlooked as teenagers move through school, but which underpin achievement in school, at university and throughout their future lives and careers

  • Know how to effectively revise and prepare for exams at their own stress-free, and very much faster pace

  • Grow their performance, belief and self-confidence to enjoy top exam grades, bringing them greater choice


If you want to see your teenager STOP stressing about exams, study smarter and enjoy maximum success:


You can give them the skills today in 2024 to learn confidently for LIFE. 

To get the best out of Adrian's techniques you want to begin around 14 before GCSEs.  ACE Recall meant for the first time I was able to learn confidently and memorise faster, without the stress.  It is pure genius. 

Accountancy degree student, Southampton Uni, coached study skills in Years 2-3, graduating with a first-class degree

- now Financial Controller in a major UK national charity.


For first-class study skills coaching and the best choice of regular weekly timeslot: call Adrian now on 01727 823543

What do PARENTS and STUDENTS say about ACE Recall?

Best about Adrian is that my daughter has felt very comfortable and much encouraged by the coaching. To learn large amounts of facts has always been extremely difficult for her. Now she can do it with amazing recall and confidence. I have never seen anything that could achieve that previously for her.  Amanda Freeland, Harpenden


My son found the coaching very useful in helping him with revision techniques, organisational methods and effective recall.  Adrian is personable and enthusiastic and the sessions are very well structured for students to gain maximum benefit.  Adam Bellamy, Year 9 Parent


We wanted our teenage son to "learn how to learn", be organised, self-motivated, confident in his own ability to learn and cope with performing under pressure. Adrian had already coached my husband, so I knew that our son would benefit greatly from his personalised coaching techniques, which are taught with guidance and unwavering support. I am truly grateful to Adrian. Enza Bascetta, Bedford, Years 9-10


My son's confidence in his own abilities has flourished with Adrian's help, enthusiasm and encouragement.  This has been helped by Adrian's keen interest in his studies and him as an individual.  Coaching has surpassed my expectations.  Ruth, Harpenden, Year 11 Mum


Adrian's coaching has given focus and confidence to my daughter who, without the coaching would have been daunted going into her GCSEs.  The weekly sessions over the past four months have really helped her to prepare and understand what she needs to do.  Adrian's coaching is a great alternative to standard tutoring as it provides all round support and guidance, and gives the confidence to cope with exams.  Year 11 Parent, Harpenden


My son found it difficult to focus on studying for his GCSEs.  Highly recommended if you want to explore new, different approaches to learning strategies. Adrian always gave positive feedback at each session, is easy to talk to and always gave his undivided attention.  Adrian’s service is first class, I can’t fault it.  Jenny Smart, Year 11 Mum


We wanted to find a way to equip our son with the right tools for modern learning and success. Our son has been very enthusiastic about what he has learned with Adrian. He has had a very positive experience over the summer, learnt a lot about time management, planning and has grown more confident about how to approach the demands of school learning. We intend to come back to Adrian as GCSEs get nearer so our son can build on the skills already learned and be as prepared as he can be for exam success. Mrs Davis, Year 9 Mum


I was very satisfied with the quality of coaching guidance and learning delivered and how Adrian’s coaching style matched my son’s needs.  Adrian was approachable, took an interest in the progress of my son and was happy to discuss any issues I raised.  I recommend ACE Recall to other parents.  Mr P Harpenden, Years 10-11


Coaching helped me with more creative ways to revise and recall. When I read now I feel like I understand things more. I feel like I have learned everything and recalled it and this boosted my exam technique.

Charlie, Year 11 Student


I liked 1 to 1 coaching because it meant that all the focus was on my learning.  Adrian helped me to manage my time better and showed me how to use different reading styles and methods to help me perform in my exams.  Since my coaching I am especially better and faster at revising with active learning techniques which allows me to efficiently and thoroughly revise.  Alex (13), Harpenden


Learning ACE Recall was really useful.  It helped me study better, remember my revision as it is quicker than writing notes, and helps me to improve my learning and preparation for exams.   Rosie, Year 11 Student


Coaching gave me ways I had never seen before and helped me to be more involved with revising regularly. I have definitely become a much more efficient and active learner.  Taylor Smart, Year 11 Student


The most helpful part of Adrian’s coaching was learning a way to be able to recall all of a revision topic. I really liked it when I had the session where I learned the ACE steps because it felt good to recall 100% of something I didn’t even know about before.  L. Jones, 15, St Albans


I discovered lots of informative things such as understanding how my brain and memory work when revising and knowing what to do before an exam. I know there is a way for me to break something down if I need to memorise it. I found the exercises interesting and fun. I have now perfected my exam technique.  

Mia (15), Queenswood School


My son has issues with both processing and memory. He has now established a more effective way to revise, is more aware of time management and constructive ways to revise and recall. Adrian’s coaching has given my son a framework for his work which is super.  Karen W, Year 11 Parent


Most valuable was recognising how quickly information we learn deteriorates. The best part was learning new revision methods. I can now plan my revision and manage my time. Revision is quicker and I am faster at producing work such as writing answers to essay questions.  LV, 15, Year 11 Student


The study performance coaching is incredible. If you're the type of parent who wants your child to grow and improve, become effective, and is willing to trust someone to support your child, I highly recommend ACE Recall Study Performance Coaching. Harvinder, Essex, Year 11 Parent


 The personal guidance, tips and techniques are excellent. Coaching has really helped me to focus on what I need to learn for my exams. I have learned very useful skills and such valuable lessons when it comes to exams. 

Ashleigh J, 17 - St Albans


Best about Adrian is that he analyses my child’s individual needs and targets techniques to strengthen both weaknesses and areas of strength. I always found Adrian willing to discuss any issues pertaining to my son's progress and always came away from such discussions satisfied. I strongly recommend him.  His expertise offers an invaluable alternative to more traditional study support services such as single-subject tutoring.  Mr Okusanya, Year 10 Parent


My coaching has helped a lot with the way I study as I learn things at a faster rate. My retrieval of information has now increased, my revision is faster and I have a far greater understanding. It could benefit other students as it will increase their memory performance and get them organised and less stressed for their exams. Devak, Year 11


My coaching with Adrian has made me more organised, efficient and effective in my studies. I can now manage my time for homework and revision. It has taught me how to benefit from paying attention to make things easier for me, not only now but in the future. And for that I am very grateful.  Mayokun, Year 11 Student


I find ACE Recall is most helpful for remembering classroom facts and doing homework. I have improved my study skills and recall massively. I also know a lot about how memory works. I particularly like the relaxed atmosphere, and how quickly and easily I understand concepts and remember things using ACE Recall. Rowan, 13


I thoroughly enjoyed my coaching programme with Adrian. I have learnt a lot of different revision and memory techniques which I will take into my revision. I really appreciate your time, thanks. J Baynes, Year 11 Student


We chose Adrian to build our son's confidence and improve his study skills. Adrian is very professional. He provides a safe, supportive coaching environment, and real enjoyment in learning. We are delighted with our son's coaching. I would highly recommend Adrian. Mrs Dinerva, Luton


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