Why students love and parents invest in Adrian's ACE Recall coaching

Adrian is so knowledgeable about learning - Mrs. B Jackson, Years 10-11, Radlett - February 2020
Adrian is always able to show and explain things to my daughter in ways she can clearly understand, then go away and practice for herself. She did extremely well in her mocks, is now ready to face her GCSEs.
Jackson Y10-11 Radlett.docx.pdf
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Our sons benefited enormously from the skills focus - Matt L, Years 10-11 & 13, Surrey - Dec 2019
The coaching style of working is very different, more interactive, more pragmatic. We don’t have anything like this at all where we live so coming to coaching is worth the 50-60 minute drive each week.
Matt L Years 10-11-13 Surrey.pdf
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Our daughter really took to Adrian’s rapid techniques. Martin & Liz C, Y10-11, St Albans - Sep 2019
Our daughter’s focus changed so dramatically we continued coaching in Year 11. Last month she got Grades 7-9 in all but one of her subjects... far, far beyond our, and our daughter’s original expectations.
Martin-Liz C Y10-11 St Albans.pdf
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Our son was elated with his GCSE results this week! - Kat Wilson, Y10-11, Watford - August 2019
I cannot praise Adrian / ACE Recall Study Performance Coaching highly enough. It has given our son such a variety of ways to study and learn plus many valuable life skills too.
Kat Wilson Y11 Watford.pdf
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What distinguishes ACE Recall is the personal focus on the pupil. Adam B, Harpenden - July 2019
The sessions are well-structured for students to get maximum benefit. My son found the coaching very useful in helping him with revision techniques, organisational methods and effective recall.
Adam B Year 9 Dad Harpenden.pdf
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I liked 1 to 1 coaching because the focus was on my learning. Alex, Year 9, Harpenden - June 2019
Most helpful have been revision methods and time management. Before I would leave homework to the last minute. Now I make sure I do my homework with plenty of time to spare.
ALEX Year 9 Harpenden.pdf
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My son got better GCSE results than we expected - P. Thomas, Potters Bar, February 2019
Best about Adrian is that he believes in our son’s abilities. We extended the coaching to be sure my son kept improvement up and give him a solid foundation for A Levels.
P Thomas Y10-12 Potters Bar.pdf
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My son's confidence and application has been transformed - Ruth, Harpenden, June 2018
My son's confidence in his own abilities has flourished with Adrian's help, enthusiasm and encouragement. He remained calm, focused and purposeful throughout his exams. Thank you.
Ruth Harpenden Year 11.pdf
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Adrian's service is first class... I can't fault it! - Jenny Smart, May 2018
Adrian has given my son effective study strategies. My son has benefitted and responded well to skills coaching. This programme is highly recommended.
Parent Feedback - Jenny Smart.pdf
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I learn things at a faster rate so my revision is faster - Devak, Year 11, London
What I really liked then about the coaching was learning things at a fast rate, and being able to absorb large amounts of work faster, more efficiently and effectively.
Devak Y11 London.pdf
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A great alternative to standard tutoring - Y11 Parent, Harpenden, May 2018
Adrian’s coaching provides all round support and guidance, giving focus and confidence to my daughter who, without it, would have been daunted going into her GCSEs. I am very happy we chose Adrian.
Y11 Parent Harpenden 2018.pdf
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Coaching helped me with more creative ways to revise and recall - Charlie, Year 11, June 2018
When I read now I feel like I understand things more. I feel like I have learned everything and recalled it and this boosted my exam technique.
Charlie Y11 June 2018.pdf
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A more effective way for my son to revise - Karen W, Year 11 parent
Adrian’s coaching has established a more effective way to revise and given my son a framework for his work which is super.
Y11 Karen W Apr 17.pdf
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Coaching gave me ways I had never seen before – Taylor Smart, Year 11, May 2018
Coaching helped me to be more involved with revising regularly… I have definitely become a much more efficient and active learner.
Taylor Y11 Student 2018.pdf
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Adrian is very approachable, friendly and calmly confident – Mrs. Davis Year 9, August 2017
School has changed so much. We wanted to equip our son with the right tools for modern learning and success. Our son has been very enthusiastic about what he learned with Adrian. He has had a very positive experience and grown more confident about the demands of school learning.
Mrs Davis Year 9 Mum Aug 17.pdf
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My daughter felt very comfortable and much encouraged – Amanda Freeland, August 2017
To learn large amounts of facts has always been extremely difficult for her. Now she can do it with amazing recall and confidence. I have never seen anything that could achieve that previously for her!
Y13 Mum Amanda Freeland May 17.pdf
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From a struggling 1st Year... to PhD - Dr Keiron Pollitt, Chartered Educational Psychologist
I came to Adrian when I was struggling to achieve the grades I wanted, considering leaving my BSc degree course. I went on to achieve a first class degree with the highest mark gained in my year. I became a Doctor of Educational Psychology. I continue to use Adrian's strategies on a daily basis.
KP Reference for Adrian.pdf
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Adrian's memory techniques are pure genius - Final Year Student, Southampton Uni (1st Class)
Adrian’s techniques take you to an even higher level. I am now able to confidently and rapidly memorise volumes of information - without any stress at all. Nothing more needs to be said. It is pure genius.
ACE Recall Testimonial - FYU.pdf
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A parent's view of ACE Recall Study Performance Coaching - Mrs Dineva, Luton
We chose Adrian to build our son's confidence in learning (he has dyslexia) and improve his study skills. Adrian is very professional and provides a safe and supportive coaching environment. Bringing real enjoyment in learning we are delighted with our son's coaching. I would highly recommend Adrian.
ACE Recall Reference RDL.pdf
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A successful approach taking the stress out of A Levels - Mrs K. James, St Albans
We chose Adrian because we wanted a different and successful approach to learning and retaining information. The best thing about Adrian’s coaching is that he has taken the stress out of our daughter's A Levels. She now sees that the mountain is climbable. I highly recommend Adrian.
Parent Review MKJ.pdf
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I only wish we had found out about Adrian sooner - Sarah-Jane Collins, Sept 2016
Adrian gave our son the confidence and skills needed to cope with not only the exams and pressures of his final year but a range of learning techniques helping him retain core knowledge in an effective way. I only wish we had found out about Adrian sooner as my son would have benefitted from Adrian’s coaching at a younger age especially throughout his GCSE and A Levels
Parent Testimonial - SJC.pdf
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Coaching with Adrian helped me to pass my 3rd year exams - Rob, Degree Student, St Albans
I was coached by Adrian between April and July 2016. I may well have failed my assessments, practicals and written exams. Coaching with Adrian helped me to pass my 3rd year exams.
Degree Student Testimonial - ROB.pdf
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I would not be where I am now... Tom Curragh, now MA International Studies, Qualified Accountant
Before coaching with Adrian, I was struggling at University - averaging a low grade, finding it difficult to analyse, plan my work, and concentrate when revising! I surpassed my aims. My grades now average between a 2:1 and a 1st. I recommend Adrian to anyone to improve any aspect of their academics.
TC Reference for Adrian.pdf
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How I finally secured my ideal job - Dave McBain, Software Training Manager
I'd secured interviews with over 25 companies, but was still to be offered the job I truly wanted. Two days after my coaching with Adrian I had my final job interview. For 3 years I have worked for a major telecommunications company where I head up their global training business.
DMcB Reference for Adrian.pdf
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Even for memorising important and difficult presentations

I thank you so much.  The presentation WENT VERY WELL.  Your help gave me lots of confidence. As for the memory - wow.  You do understand don't you.  I will take it all on board because your words are so 'right' for me.  Thank you so much for all your help.  Denise V, Essex

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